R.A.Y.S. Day Program

R.A.Y.S. (Reaching All Your Stars) Day Program serves adults with developmental and physical disabilities. This program runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and features weekly sing-a-longs, swimming, community outings and adapted sports.



  • Enable adults with special needs to attain their individual potential at their own pace
  • Provide the participants with access to a wide range of activities, while enhancing their ability to interact in the community
  • Provide a stimulating program that encourages creativity and enjoyment
  • Provide a dedicated, supported and trained staff team who create a positive environment for the individuals in their care
  • Provide for specific individual needs through goals developed for the program participants established and monitored through direct case management


The R.A.Y.S. Day Program started out initially to aid our foster families and group home residents who couldn’t access a program. The program started with three participants in 1996 and since then has expanded to 15 participants.

Program Highlights

  • To encourage interaction in the community and with peers
  • To provide multi-sensory experiences
  • To develop themes of education
  • To promote a variety of interests
  • To support diverse learning styles
  • To appreciate new life experiences



Sonshine Families is a group of individuals and families who have come together to serve as foster families and staff, operating as one large extended family. The personal beliefs and practices value systems of the organization are based on the basic teachings of the Bible. Because He cares, the family also cares.